Plantation Shutters in
Newtownabbey | Belfast | Antrim

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a growing trend and available in both classic and modern styles. They are hand crafted and extremely versatile and can offer a unique solution to shaped windows. Shutters are a framework of individual doors containing horizontal slats. The slats tilt to alter privacy and shade and the doors bifold open to reveal the window behind. Shutters are solid, long lasting and durable and can add value to your home. Available in a traditional elliptic blade or the stylish urban blade they suit any style of home. They are available in real wood or PVC fauxwood options and come in 3 different slat sizes as well as a variety of colours and styles.

Full height

Full height doors covering the window

Cafe Style

This style covers the lower section of the window, allowing privacy below while letting the light stream in above.

Tier on Tier

Using two sets of shutters this allows the top and bottom sections to open independently of each other.


Designed to fit all tricky window shapes


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